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Robert Boduch will teach you LIFE CHANGING SKILLS on:

1) How to Capture someone's attention
2) How to Keep their attention
3) And make them want to soak up every last
drop of what you're talking about.

These same skills are effective in Business and Marketing. Monopolize your market, learn how to write directly to your target group, and use proven terms that generate the best results.

Create amazing ad copy writing Skills. Advertising copy is a collection of mini-headlines. Once you have grabbed the attention of readers, you have to keep it. Adcopy tips found in these books do just that, Grab, Hold, and Sell.

You will use these skills the rest of your life. He teaches by example, from his lifetime of creating attention-grabbing headlines, and from his collection which he shares in his books, you will quickly grasp the easy formulas he lays out and begin creating your own ways to promote anything you want.

These principles work whether your speaking to groups, writing web pages, or even creating short to-the-point ads where you have limited space, you "have" to capture someone's attention quickly, and make them want more.

Soon you will start seeing why other promoters are making readers quickly turn away from lack of interest and getting lost in endless dribble.

What you will get with this investment...
1) 202 pages of Headlines & Ad copy training by Robert Boduch
2) 5 Bonus ebooks packed with formulas, and tricks
3) Special Limited Offer, 140 Tips and Techniques ebook

Great Headlines Instantly has over 200 pages of training, examples and tips. Every page is packed with ideas from Robert D. Boduch, one of today's best copywriters. His years of experience provides invaluable knowledge at your fingertips throughout
this entire book. If it were only 50 pages, it would be a bargain, but Great Headlines Instantly goes into much more detail than what you would expect. Robert gives you example after example, and gives the reasoning behind why it works the way he teaches.

11 Specific Skills You’ll Acquire From Reading This Manual
1. How To Write A Winning Headline For Any Product, Service, Or Application
2. How To Improve Any Existing Headline
3. Effective Word Selection For Maximum Impact
4. How To Edit A Headline And Refine It To Its Most Concise Form
5. How To Recognize A Winner From A Loser
6. How To Make Any Form Of Written Communication Much More Powerful
7. How To Extend The Capabilities Of A Headline With Additional Firepower
8. The Essence Of Effective Copy Writing
9. Idea Generation Techniques For More Powerful Headline Content
10. How To Get The Attention Of Your Target Prospects
11. How To Make Your Headline Stand Out Anywhere With Visual

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Find out what words are attention getters
Sometimes a single letter makes the difference in what an ad implies. For example, a popular electronics company published an ad that said, "Put Music in Your Life", and later added an 's' to the word Put, making is now say "Put's Music in Your Life". Why it works: "Put Music in Your Life" makes the reader do the work. "Put's Music in Your Life" implies that the product is doing the work.

Great Headlines Instantly will make you want to take the manual with you where ever you go because its so filled with ideas to make average headlines Great!
Great Headlines Instantly takes you away from the computer and puts your brain back in charge, being creative is what is going to separate you from the average.

Start off on the "Right Path"
Getting someone to your web site, or writing an ad copy for Google is only half the battle now days. There's plenty of tools to help you with that. There's even tools to help you write some ad copy, but when it comes down to beating the competition, you've got to use what has been proven to work in the past and not rely on software. Writing Great Headlines is a skill that is developed, using proven formula's in this book, you can develop techniques that can be used successfully over and over. Remember the term, "garbage in, garbage out", programs can mostly give you what has been input into them, and if everyone has similar programs, then its cookie-cutter syndrome all over again. Use something you have that no one else has, "Your" brain.

The only place where "Success" comes before "Work" is in the Dictionary
Planning and research take longer for sure, but so does aiming at a target. If you want to hit something you have to aim. Sure there's luck, but if you want repeated success, you better aim. Just like your keywords, you've learned to focus on a targeted audience to get quality hits. In the war of the Internet affiliate, words are our only ammunition, choose them wisely and success comes quicker. Just like the right keywords brings wanted traffic, the right Headline and ad copy will keep them around long enough to read what you say.

Don't tell them what you can do, tell them how it will benefit them.
You already know what you can do, but you only have a few seconds to capture someone's attention. Capture their attention with a benefit, that's what they're really after. Once they say "yes, that's what I'm looking for", they will stay a little longer for you to explain what you offer. If they don't see an immediate benefit, they're off to the next ad or site on the list. Your job is to keep them there, or to click on that Google ad because it is a benefit they can't refuse. Just as in real estate, what makes the difference is location, location, location. So it is with Headlines, its benefits, benefits, benefits.

Instant Download Now, even if it's 2:30 am, You can get started learning how to create Headlines that Sell RIGHT NOW!!

$67.00 $49.95 Limited Time Special
Includes the 4 Bonuses plus the Limited Time Offer.

The files will be in zipped format.

Here’s what you get with your complete package:

Great Headlines Instantly! 202 power-packed pages that reveal all the secrets of successful headlines complete with hundreds of examples so you can see these profit ideas in action! Loaded with tips, techniques and proven methods for writing headlines that work like magic!
There is no more valuable skill you could acquire as a marketer, than the
skill of creating attention-grabbing headlines. It’s a skill that once mastered, can be
used anytime, anywhere, to attract more prospects, increase your sales, improve
your cash flow, and boost your profits!

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Bonus #1: The huge reference file of 94 full pages of headline examples culled from his massive collection of direct mail pieces, sales letters, brochures, advertisements, web pages, courses, articles, and books. A tremendous resource to ignite your creativity and help you put together a guaranteed winner every time!

Bonus #2: The "secret" weapon! It's a two-sided list of the very best headline words and phrases of all time! One side features over 250 of the most effective headline words ever assembled! The other side -- over 200 superb headline phrases you can draw from at any time! Simply pin this card to a nearby wall, or or keep it on your desk as a handy reference. Using this valuable list with jump-start your headline writing in an instant!

Bonus #3: A supplementary printout edition of the "7 Quick And Easy Headline Formulas". Just pull out this report whenever you need a headline and you’ll have several winners in mere minutes! With one formula, writing dynamite headlines is as simple as filling in the blanks! What could be easier?

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Special Limited Bonus: 140 Easy-To-Use Tips, Techniques And Ideas For Creating Powerful, Riveting, Attention-Grabbing Headlines!
Example: Use benefit-oriented headings at the top of every ad or marketing communication. Never use this most valuable space to announce your company name. Even the most basic, benefit-oriented headline will command more attention than a name, unless the name itself conveys a strong, unique benefit.

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$67.00 $49.95 Limited Time Special
Includes the 4 Bonuses plus the Limited Time Offer.

The files will be in zipped format.