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Using Google's Wonder Wheel

(while the wonder wheel has been retired, these videos will give you an understanding how to use the 'suggested searches' at the bottom of a search page instead)

It's not a crystal ball, it's more like breadcrumbs, showing you the path to get from point A to point B. If you knew what the majority of people's interest is after they search for 'X', then you could provide that for them, and be ready to answer their next question.

Where do you see the majority of billboards? Along the heaviest traveled paths, right? So why not take what you've learned you're good at, find the crowd thats hungry for your information and the path that they take, and be there waiting for them!

Let Google's Wonder Wheel show you what the most traveled paths are and provide closely related and relevant content for your visitors. Learn how to discover long-tail terms that people are using related to your topics, and find out if the Trend is in your favor.

If all that makes you "Wonder" if its even possible, just watch these...


Each video opens in a new window.
You can close these new windows at any time.

Video 1: (9:12 mins)
Using Google's Wonder Wheel
to Find Closely Related Content


Video 2: (10:54 mins)
Creating the Structure
for Your Web Site


Video 3: (7:19 mins)
Topic Suggestions, Related
Searches and the Timeline


Video 4: (5:15 mins)
Quick Discovery of Longtails,
and Planning for the Future



Now that you know how to stop "Wondering" how to find what people are thinking after they search for specific keywords,

Continue on to learn how to help your site rank better in the search engines by learning basic Search Engine Optimization.


Skip that for now, I just want to find out how much of a demand there is for my market.




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