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How To Find Sites To Link With That Complement, Not Compete With Your Site.


1. Find related and relevant key phrases using a flow through process.

2. Combine those phrases using the formula provided.

3. Search for sites using these combinations.

4. Document information to find which ones are best to link with.

5. Place links on your site first before asking for one back.

6. Periodically check if the original data changed for better or worse.

7. Each month to repeat the original process with new keywords to diversify your strength and add more sites linking back to you.

The Goal and Purpose

To help you find related and relevant sites that can link back to you, or you link to them, to give a natural flow that search engines like.

Years ago, optimizing your pages for the search engines was enough, now much more is needed to rank well in the search engines.

Many of these sites and keywords would have been overlooked if not for the unique process and formula taught here.

All of the keywords discovered in this process can be recycled into content and used as landing pages that are better targeted for the search engines.

This can also be used to find long-tail, closely related keyword terms for your pay-per-click efforts. This is also beneficial if you're an affiliate and want your site to get free traffic to sell your affiliate items.

Why do this?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) alone isn't enough anymore. This provides long-term free traffic which can also include page rank strength.

Types of Sites to Look For

Regular web sites
If you compliment a site instead of being in competition, you are able to join and develop a much larger reference group. It's easier to gain a link back from this type of site if you provide a link to them before asking for one back, it shows sincerity versus fishing.

Easier than normal websites because this type of site thrives on related and relevant comments. Place links back to your site when allowed to do so. Be informative and helpful, don't just go and put your links on the blog's, they'll probably just get removed.

Forums (discussion boards)
Also easier than normal websites. Look for current posts and current comments to know if your comment or reply will even be seen. Look at the dates of the posts and replies, if they're over a month old, that means the site has low traffic, and not worth spending time there. Don't spend time at ghost towns.

Article sites
Good source of free links, page rank can help also from these, developing your own keyword hyperlinks also and source that others might copy to put on their site for more links pointing in to your site.

It's not always about finding or placing links that humans can click on. A link pointing to you is found by the search engine spiders and robots to give you page rank credit also. Look for sites with an Alexa number of under 500,000 and a Page Rank greater than 2 when starting, later look for sites greater than PR4.

We'll explain Alexa and Google Page Rank soon.


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How this works.

Finding Related and Relative Keyword Phrases.

You will enter keywords and search phrases into each of the "H" areas. The "H" stands for "Human" entry. These 1 to 2 word phrases will describe problems or solutions that you wouldn't directly resolve, but can be resolved by a business immediately before your services are needed, or immediately after your services are finished. This is how you find sites that compliment yours, rather than compete. Each site needs each other. Competing sites don't need you.

A BEFORE Example:
You have an Automatic Shower Cleaning product installed in the shower. Water comes to the shower, but you don't deal directly with getting water to come to the house, that's the water company's job.


You have Weight Loss products. Overweight symptoms could be fatigue, cholesterol, heart problems, but you're not a doctor to diagnose individual issues, that's their doctor's job.


An AFTER Example:
Water leaves the shower, but you don't deal directly with the drain or the drain pipes, that's the plumber or the builder or the parts stores job.


Your customers have lost weight after using your products, but you don't sell exercise equipment or new clothes, that's the sports department or fashion store's job.


By thinking of keywords in this fashion, you're thinking of keywords that will find sites that are not in competition with you, but that complement your product or service.

Now let's take these examples and apply them using Related and Relevants unique Tic-Tac-Toe concept. You won't ever forget this because it's so simple.

Click on either or both of the buttons below to learn how you can find sites that compliment yours and get links back. Each example opens up in a new window, when finished, just close that window and open the other example.

Bookmark this page to have a quick reference.

Once finished, you can read the next steps of deciding which of those sites you found are really the best ones to select for better results of link traffic. Example: would you place a "Lost Puppy" sign in a ghost town, or a busy mall to get the best results?

Remember, the only place "Success" comes before "Work" is in the dictionary, so let's get our hands a little dirty.

(opens in new window)

(opens in new window)



Now from these two examples, you have information about your own product or service to work with, let's find out how we can learn about who you might be exchanging links with and how to make those decisions.

Let's go learn about related and relevant sites.


Recommended by Related and Relevant

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