Natural Talents and Abilities

'How To Discover Your Talent and
Find A Job That Matches Your Talent

I asked the same questions you're asking,
"How To Discover My Talent"
and then
"How To Find A Job That Matches My Talents"

Watch these 2 video previews to see how you can
learn to put words to your natural talents.


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Step 1. Discovering Your Natural Talents



Step 2. Find Job Titles That
Match Your Natural Talents


I found out how to uncover my Natural Talents and Gifts,
Then I put this step-by-step process into video
so you can hear it directly from me.


Stop Searching, you found what you've been wanting.

Here's what some of my students are saying:

* Notice: These results are not typical, and your results may vary

* This course is something different. While many courses teach you how to do something and/or use something, this course teaches you how to find out things about yourself to assist with promoting your talents and giftings. It is a self discovery that is not a pride seeking trip but a way of coming to know yourself that you can put into words and use in resumes, cv's, interviews, job applications and more. The included excel tool assists with turning the work into an enjoyable discovery. Take your time to do what is required.

This course has so many applications!

Bronwyn Wilson


* Notice: These results are not typical, and your results may vary

* We've all been there, asking ourselves "what are we good at?" and more often, "how do I tell my story?". Its that oft asked question at the beginning of any interview of "tell me about you and what you do". David's course is laid out to hold your hand and guide you through that process in a way that will appeal to those who are at a loss for words or that are more process driven.

The real jewel of this course is the downloadable excel program that he guides you through in filling out that takes the mystery and the headache of answering those questions. If you have ever been part of a brain storming committee for ideas, then this will be similar but you'll leverage the power of excel. You won't be disappointed! Be fore warned, David speaks in a tempered slow pace that masks his passion for the subject. Its purposeful so that you have time to fully ingest the material before moving on.

Michael Walker

This method is designed to help you discover your Natural Talents and Abilities, put them into words so that you can go forward with focus to apply your gifts to find Job titles that match your skills.

You Discover Your Talents By Learning How To Describe Them.

No tests, no quiz's,

It's customized around you, not forcing You to fit into a mold.

It's based on your input, not pre-set categories.

Also Find Jobs That Match Your Talents.



In life, you have already applied your Talents and Abilities whether you know it or not. But can you put your talent into words? Can you explain what you are best at in 1-2 sentences? If not, you are probably still guessing at what your Natural Talents are.


If you can confidently describe what your Natural Talents are without stumbling or guessing, then this method is not for you. But if you've wondered what your Natural Gifts are, then keep reading.


As You are doing this, You will become an Artist, a Sculptor you will be painting, sculpting, forming the Real You. The image will not be blurry like its been in the past, You will 'Finally' know, and be able to put Your Own Label on What Your Talent is.


You've Probably Been Asking One Of The Following Questions:

  • How Can I Know My Gift Or My Talent?

  • How Can I See Something Which Is Essentially Invisible To Me?

  • I'm Older, and Have Never Known What Talent I Possess,
    Is It Too Late?

  • What's My Special Talent and Gift,
    and What Am I Meant To Do In Life?

  • I Am Just An Average Person. I Am NOT Good At Anything.
    I Don't Have A Special Skill. How Can I Discover My Natural Talent? If There Is One?

Yes, Yes, Yes! You Do Have Talents and Gifts That Are Unique To You, And It's Never Too Late To Learn What Your's Are. I Will Show You How To Discover Your Gifts and Talents.


Also Find Jobs That Match Your Talents.


If You're Still Struggling With Searching For Your Talents,
You Need To Read This Page Carefully!


I was tired of searching for what my purpose was, tired of going in circles, what I should focus on.
I had many abilities, but where should I direct my energy. If I could find what I was meant to do, what role I could be the best at, then I could build on that instead of only searching for it, starting something only to get distracted when the next shiny object, or the next latest sales pitch caught my emotional buying trigger.

The human body is made up of many parts, and each part plays its own role. If fingers got jealous and said; "Look at those toes, they support and balance the whole body, they play such an important role that without them, this whole body could tip over... I want to be a toe." The toes might say; "Look at those fingers, they get to be a part of everything, they control what goes in the mouth, and they're such a team, they work together putting on a shirt, socks, shoes, they get to meet other hands, were always stuck inside the shoes... I want to be a finger."

Now if those members swapped places, the body couldn't function like it's supposed to. Imagine those long fingers on the end of your feet, they're not designed to support the weight like toes were. Isn't it great for each part to function with its own purpose. That's what finding your purpose is all about.

Functioning and performing within your natural talents and abilities. That's not to say you can't perform and help outside your purpose. I can pick things up with my toes, and walk on my hands (for about 3 feet), but I can perform best, and with enjoyment when I do what is within my natural given talents.

If we try to be something just because someone else makes it look easy, we could be going outside our natural talents and not perform to the best we could at where we fit best. Doing what comes natural not only allows you to develop quicker and better, but it's fun, enjoyable, you're relaxed, you seem to forget about time when you're at your best.

Then others, who haven't found their natural talents and abilities, start becoming jealous of you, saying "I wish I could do that, they're just gifted in that area."

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Tracking Link


And Now I'd Like You To Have My Solution,
So YOU Can Get Started Developing Your Talents, Too!


So I've decided to make my entire system available on the Internet, to anyone who needs it!

Use my system, and you'll:

  • Stop guessing at what direction you should be taking for your life. Take the stress out of searching.
  • Learn with confidence what areas to develop and focus on to enjoy the work you do.
  • Develop communication skills to express your Natural Talents at the drop of a hat. Very helpful during interviews.


How Much Wasted Time and Money Have You Spent
Blindly Aiming At Targets In The Dark?

  • How much schooling have you taken with no clue what your major will be.
  • How many jobs have you taken that were just jobs, and not opportunities to develop your talents.
  • How much money have you spent or lost not advancing yourself in your Natural surroundings.


Why Am I Offering This? Because Having A Map
To Find Your Treasure Within Is Golden.

I was in your situation, working for years at a job just because I didn't have a specific direction, or a specific reason to change. Until you have focus, you'll blindly take the path of least resistance.

Then I heard a teaching related to this, but felt more was needed to be included to help me fine-tune my direction. So here I go again, breaking down the steps into easy to understand plans, so that I could see it more clearly. After that, I saw it needed even more clarification to understand better. So I go back and create more steps, something like that story where they left bread crumbs so they could find their way back.

This is something that I discovered while creating these videos, to be some of my talents. Breaking things down into easy to understand steps; Creating step-by-step procedures so that anyone can follow it; Developing an assembly-line process so that things can run smoothly; Changing a complex situation into a Yes or No answer so that it's simple to follow.

Remember when cars were first being made? There were many steps to put a car together. Someone developed the assembly line to make it faster. Everyone had a specific part to assemble, and a specific way to put it on. Someone had to break all those steps down, and come up with a way to make it run smoothly. You don't want the whole assembly line stopped while someone has to think, "What should be done first, the axle or the transmission goes on first?"

I wanted to be able to repeat this process if needed. I hate coming up with an answer, and not be able to prove it. So if I lay a foundation that is solid, and present it in simple, baby-steps so that anyone can follow it and get quality results, then I've done well. And that's what I found out after going through this long, time consuming process, was develop a method that's repeatable, reliable, and easy.

I'm offering it because I know it works. It works, because its built on the basics of your language, and you're building the framework from your own experiences. It works because its not a cookie-cutter test that you could fail. You can't fail, because its not a talent quiz.

I looked for methods like this on the Internet, and no, I can't find anything like it, and no one is offering the bonuses I'm offering with this package. I'll tell you more about those next. Oh yes, you'll find pieces of what I offer here and there, but you won't find such a complete, detailed, thorough, step-by-step guide that will give you a solid handle on your own Natural Talent description, so you'll be able to use it a crucial times like job interviews, elevator speech opportunities, sitting next to someone who ask's you what you do. You'll be able to give them a solid answer without even thinking about it, which shows your confidence about yourself.


This Is An Introductory Offer

I made this available for a period to see the interest, and found that people would stay long periods of time to soak it up and learn more about themselves. So I knew it would be valuable, but I wanted to offer more. Not only did I have a more complete package than I could find anywhere, but I wanted to help more during situations like we're having now, when finding a job is difficult.

Knowing your Natural Talents is one thing, knowing your weaknesses is another. Many times during an interview, you'll be asked "What are your weaknesses?", well you need to be prepared for that. I know years ago when they first started asking that I wasn't prepared with an answer. Now days you need to be at your best during an interview, you may only get one chance at this meeting.


Just Look At Everything You Get!

Now in HD Video Format

Simple Steps To Discover Your Natural Talents

  • 10 detailed steps, each building on the other to help your confidence and progress.
  • Learn with confidence what areas to develop and focus on to enjoy the work you do.
  • Develop communication skills to express your Natural Talents at the drop of a hat. Helpful during interviews.
  • Step-by-step directions that guide you through each process.
  • Stop guessing at what direction you should be taking for your life. Take the stress out of searching.
  • Repeatable; use this process at any point in your life. You'll increase knowledge about your talents
         as you add to your own list.
  • Learn things about yourself you may have already known, but didn't know how to describe it well.
  • Additional help guides after you've learned your Natural Talents and Abilities..

Find Job Titles That Match Your Natural Talents.


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