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Searching For That Job Using Focused Research

You've learned what your natural talents are,

(If you haven't established them yet, it will be most helpful to do so, click here first)

and you're interests are more towards getting a job rather than working for yourself for the time being, so let's see how you can apply this new knowledge to finding that career job.

Monster.com is an employment search service that has a unique user based tool that lets you search 24/7 to find jobs that can meet your interest.

Since you now know better what your interests are, lets use that to find a job where you will like going to work. Thats the goal right?

Click on the link below to find a job a Monster.com that matches your talents and abilities. You can follow the example shown below also.

monster jobs
Monster.com Career Mapping
(then select the box with colored dots)

Step 1.

The link above takes you directly to their Career Mapping tool. Let's walk step-by-step through a few examples. This screen shows what you'll see by default when you first arrive.

Step 2.

Now use some of the keywords you learned for your elevator speech in the search box to get some focused results related to what you like doing the most, and press the Search button. Enter several of those keywords to get a general picture of different jobs. Only enter a keyword or two at a time so your search stays focused. You will find with the keywords you learned, that it builds a common group of related jobs because you did your research ahead of time.

Step 3.

The search results will find jobs that are Related and Relevant to your likes and interest. Now you will research deeper each job to learn the description and salaries to see what direction you may go with.

Notice how each result is labeled to easily find it on the map. Each result may be in different types of fields, you will find jobs you may have never heard of before, but thats what this exercise is about, to expand your knowledge around your natural interests and skills.

Step 4.

Start by selecting a job that sounds most interesting to you, or you can start at the top and work your way down. Note that the interactive map will zoom and pan over to the matching letter and job making it easier to see the results.

Step 5.

1. Click on the Letter in the map area that represents the job you just selected. The column on the Right Hand Side now shows a brief description of that job, and a forcast of the future volume of positions based on current needs and future posibilities.

2. You can also find More details from the link at the bottom of this column. Click there to learn more.

Step 6.

1. Now you can see more information related to that job, and others like it.

2. You can learn about what schooling you may need,

3. and how your skills can match that position.

4. Monster also allows current employees of that field to tell you more about it, sometimes they fail to come back and leave responses, maybe you can return once you get a job and help others.

5. There is also other Related Careers shown for positions you also may never had heard of.

6. You can now let Monster list Jobs related to this Job Title to see more descriptions to help you learn more.

Step 7.

Close that newly opened window to look at other results that keyword found on the job search tool.

Step 8.

Just like before, click on the letter which will pan over on the map to the job it represents. Click on the map-letter to see a better description of that job.

Step 9.

1, 2, 3. Again after clicking on the "More details" link at the bottom, you'll be taken to a more detailed description with all the helpful references.

4. In this case, people have left responses to help you know more about the real world positions, some may be good, some bad, but at least you'll learn more about it.

6. Now click on the link that says "Find Jobs Like This".

Step 10.

Now you can see acutal job listings. You can narrow your search by state, distance, full-time, and may other filters. Best of all you can see job descriptions by actual employers and get more details about job requirements.

Matching these descriptions with your "Elevator Speech" and newly found keyword research will tell you what your future job posibilities can be.

A little time spent with all this research will save you years of just taking a job and wasting time at jobs that don't match your focused interest and talent.


Find the Jobs That Match Your Talents
at Monster.com Career Mapping

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