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You Want To Give Direction, Not Choices!

A Landing Page, also known as a Sales Letter or Sales Page, has one purpose; to direct the reader to a target. The target you're directing them towards is your 'Buy Button'. If you offer choices, you throw confusion into the picture. This is not the time for multiple-choice. This is a one-way dead-end street, that ends at your 'Call to Action' button. You don't want your visitor thinking anything else.

I've come across hundreds of affiliate products over my 7+ years of Internet Marketing, and many of them were respectable items that I knew others could use, but I didn't have a quality way of promoting them with a convincing sales page that would convert the reader.

I didn't know where to start, how to end it, or how to tie the two together. I heard both sides of which is better, a long sales page vs. a short sales page, which only added more confusion. After I would get started, I'd have writers block, and sections just didn't fit together like I wanted. I knew there must be some way to fit things together that create a 'natural flow' of how people think, how a thought process works when someone is in the buying mind set and what triggers the "Oh yes, this is what I've been wanting" thought that someone has before they buy, but didn't know how to grease that slide down toward my 'Buy Now' button.

Leaving Breadcrumbs Leading To The 'Buy Button' Is Just Not Fair,
But Most People Need Direction Or They'll Get Lost

Remember the story of leaving breadcrumbs as you go, so you can find your way back? Well the same works in finding your way 'TO' somewhere. Fact is that most of us are followers, some are trail blazers, but most follow a prepared path. If you have a confusing page then your readers are going to get side-tracked and forget why they came. So you need to provide a clear, confusing-free path for them to follow, and you want that path leading to your 'Buy Button'.

If you're an affiliate, you want them clicking on your affiliate link going to your merchants page with a buy button, but if they get bored reading your page, the first thing they do is look for that back button, so it's your job to direct them without any distractions to go forward.

I couldn't find a systematic approach to building a sales letter, a step-by-step guide that let me forget about the mechanics of putting a landing page together, but just let me enter the details about what I was promoting or selling. I wanted something fail-proof when it came time to remember each step, and how one phase leads into another.

I Knew A Convincing Sales Page Was The Final Step To Conquer

I like taking the complex, breaking it down, making it simple and easy to understand, step-by-step guide so that anyone can take it and run with it. That's just what I like to do. So I took what I had been collecting for years, using only the principles that come from proven practices, broke them up into a natural, practical flow that makes sense to the reader. Then I followed it up with a flow-chart, visual breakdown of the page, something like a puzzle but the pieces are numbered, and lines drawn to where each piece goes, and a check-list so you couldn't miss a step.

The flow-chart Bonus is one of the most simple, basic patterns possible. This Bonus comes with it because I wanted everyone from any background to have something they could follow. I think anyone could follow this, it even offers additional logic that helps you double check your work, and advanced tips that you'll be sure to benefit from.

The visual breakdown graphic Bonus lets you see what goes where. You're always free to be experimental and add more features in additional places, but this will give you a feel of where on the page things should go. For example, you don't want to put the price before the product, don't list the product before proof, and don't list proof before the pain. Everything has a logical order.

The check-list Bonus is like what a pilot relies on before take off. You wouldn't want him taking off without it would you? Just as important, you don't want to take chances with visitors that may never come back to your site. This is a last minute confirmation for what you have on your page. It's also a beneficial guide as you're developing new pages.

Imagine having more control over:


Why Would I Offer To Let All These Time-Saving, Money-Making,
Professional-Producing Guides and Tips Available?

I had a need: To have a sales page that worked better.

I couldn't find a solution: One that covered as many areas that I felt needed to be answered.

One of the things you'll learn about me is that I like to find something that works, break it down into edible bites, and put it in a format that is simple to understand, and offer it to whoever can use it. I know these steps will benefit you for a long time.

They're not a list of all my successful affiliate sites, so I'm not afraid of anyone moving into a market that I've had success with. This is not to say you can't have success in any of these fields, but because this training deals with proven methods, you can apply them to any market and have better success than without them.

They're not something that has ran their course and I can't get any more juice out of them, and now want to make even more by selling them. I'll be using them along with you. These steps are time-tested, they will work now, and later.


Additional Ways You Can Benefit From My Sales Letter Tips!


How Does This Compare To Other Similar Teachings?

Frankly I can't find another package that covers this many steps, and with my Lifetime Updates you'll get even more as time goes on.

These steps are a collection of learning over years of training. You can imagine being serious about online marketing and wanting to know each phase of the marketing process, how expensive that would be. Over 7+ years of training that would add up to several purchases, and hundreds of hours of learning, but you won't have to go through all that.

I'm offering my Sales Letter package at a fraction of the cost it took me to put it together, and you won't have to spend nearly the time it took me to develop it. In fact, everything is placed in order, step-by-step details, graphic guidelines and a detailed checklist so you won't miss a step.

The investment to own it is only $19.95.

That's only about $0.67 a step, compared to the hundreds, even thousands you can make over time selling an unlimited number of items. You could even start writing sales pages for others and charge them for your developed knowledge.

What would it cost you to have a top sales person right there greeting your customers as soon as they arrive, capturing the customers attention, speaking their language, keeping their interest so that they forget about going anywhere, and just want to learn what it will take to get one now.

Thank you for buying now


By Now You're Asking Yourself...

Q. Why Are So Many Headlines Recommended To Write?

A. Well, I haven't covered that yet, but now that it slipped out, I'll tell you. Great headlines aren't found, they're discovered. I recommend writing dozens of headlines. Yep, dozens. Because you're not going to come up with a winner on the first few. Even successful copywriters can't guarantee a winner on their first batch. You'll be testing headlines and sub-headlines over time. You'll find success with some and move them up and get more sales. That's what I mean by they're discovered.

You can't lose by taking time to write dozens, because you'll learn something by writing one, that reminds you of something else, that turns into a great headline, until you discover something else.....and all those extra headlines turn into bullet points to use later in the page, or sub-headlines to use throughout the page, so hardly anything goes to waste.

Remember I mentioned the phrase 'Bounce Back'? This is where Headlines are most important, your work will not be in vain. Bounce Back is when a visitor comes to your site and doesn't see what they expected, or want, hits the Back button, and Bounces Back to the place they came from. Your headlines come into play by being the first thing they see when they arrive. Your job is to get them started reading, and keep them there long enough to read more of what you have.

Some search engines rate the Bounce Back factor as part of where you will be ranked in position on their pages when someone does a search. If your page has a High Bounce Back factor, over 80% in some cases, you can lose position fast. Ranking higher in the search engines is free traffic, you don't want to lose those hard earned positions.

Q. Will This Work For Affiliate Marketing Landing Pages As Well?

A. Yes, a good sales letter, is a good sales letter, is a good sales letter. The purpose of the sales letter/sales page/landing page is to convert a shopper into a buyer, whatever the product. Most affiliate pages are meant to be pre-sales conversion. Get the shopper convinced that this is what they're looking for, and send them over to the merchants sales page for the sale.

So all your work is to get them to the goal, the Buy Button, or Learn More Here, anything to move them forward and not looking for the Back button.

Q. Why Are There So Many Things That Have To Be Covered For A Sales Page?

A. Not every item in this list is required for every Sales Page, but in some cases even more are recommended. However, having a larger list available helps you cover what's needed for most situations. Not every item is read by every reader, and you never know what each reader considers valuable to them, so covering several phases, as long as you show them important, will help answer most of the questions the majority of your readers will have.


Why Am I Offering This So Low When It Can Make You So Much Money?

This is my introductory offer and I want to quickly get this in the hands of as many people as possible, because I'll be honest with you, I want you write me and tell me how much you have benefited from this. I know it's worth many times the price, and you will too, but you won't benefit from it until you get it in your hands.

I've purchased many products because I knew they were something that would help make my services more complete. I didn't like trading hours for dollars, working for someone else, so adding to my arsenal of Internet Marketing products was essential for me to have resources to pull from, even if I knew they were going to set on the shelf right now, I would have a good toolbox of marketing tools. So I understand the importance of finding a good deal when times are tough.

Yes, this will work as affiliate products landing pages also. You don't have to just have your own products, this will work for both. You can even start improving and testing where you can start a service creating sales pages for others. It's unlimited on how you can use this. A sales page is a sales page no matter whether you call it a sales letter, landing page, sales page, or auto responder, it's promoting something.

Imagine a well written sales page up at your site right now, working for you day and night. That's what you can have shortly after making this purchase. Heck, I may even chose your testimony to put up on this page so others can click and go to your sales page, but I can only put up so many, because people will start thinking that so many people are buying this just to get a free link on a my page that gets tons of traffic!


This Is A Limited Time Offer, The Price Will Go Up!

Because Introductory offers are meant to introduce a product, not try to fool the readers into thinking "I gotta grab this while the price is so low", which is the purpose of many sites just to make sales. And yes, the price will go up, maybe even more than once, but I'm being fair about it and giving you enough warning. What will I raise it to? Well I've seen prices on other packages going for nearly $100, making claims that I just don't know how they can sleep at night.


4 Free Bonuses For Ordering Now

Bonus #1: Sales Letter Breakdown


Visual Guide For Quick Reference - PDF format

Tired of guessing what goes where on your sales pages? Just follow this visual guide that goes with the training manual and you will have a logical flow leaving breadcrumbs towards the 'Buy Now' button. Your readers will sense the natural thought process and less prone to Bounce Back.

Listed as a $15 value, but how can you put a value on improved and repeat sales. Orderly structure helps your readers understanding flow better. Remember, don't put price before product, don't list product before proof, and don't list proof before pain. Everything has its natural flow.

(A $15 Value, Yours FREE!)

Bonus #2: Sales Page Flow Charts


Your Own 2-Page Natural Logic Flow Chart - PDF format

2-pages full that follows the main training manual. Don't let this step-by-step reminder chart scare you. Each question on here helps remind you of why that step is important, then you chose if you need that step for your product. Each step follows the ebook training so there's nochance of confusion.

Since you can answer 'Yes / No' questions, you can follow these easy guides filledwith summaries of why each step should be used. Almost as good as having a copywriter there with you teaching why that step is so valuable to be in place. Again making the worth of your sales pages valuable.

(A $15 Value, Yours FREE!)

Bonus #3: Sales Page Check-list


Never Overlook Critical Features Again - PDF format

Would you want the pilot of a plane you're flying in to take off without double-checking critical points? Neither should you blindly publish a sales page just hoping you didn't forget anything. This check-list won't let you get away with that. Beneficial to use as a guide while developing your pages too.

This check-list also follows the training manual step-by-step with handy check boxes to confirm you considered it as an option. Many times we think we completed something when all it takes is one quick double-check to make sure it wasn't over looked. I'm sure you'll find its worth far more than just $10.

(A $10 Value, Yours FREE!)

Bonus #4: mp3 file for listening


Listen On Your Favorite Media Player - mp3 format

Some people are more visual, some more audible, either way you'll be able to keep these lessons fresh in your memory to become second nature, and develop faster. The entire training manual is included in the mp3 format so you can digest it anywhere. Put it on your favorites list.

This allows you to hear it several times, usually picking up on things overlooked the first time or two. This audible version goes much smoother than most readers read, so listening several times will be easy. My lifetime updates includes the mp3 format as well. Any and all updates are FREE as they're made.

(A $19.95 Value, Yours FREE!)

A total bonus package value of $59.95, Absolutely FREE. Now include the original training manual of just $19.95, making the whole package a $79.90 value. But I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that amount. In fact, your total investment for this money-making, time-saving, Sales Letter Manual and Bonus Tools is just $19.95. The money you'll earn as a result of these proven methods can very easily pay you back hundreds (even thousands) times your modest investment.


My 100% Money Back Guarantee


Money Back

I stand behind my work with a solid money-back guarantee, so you can own these without risk.

If you decide within 365 days, one full year that you’re not 100% satisfied, you just have to let me know.

If you don't feel this complete guide and bonuses are worth a modest $19.95, I'll return every penny to you.

But depending on what you're selling, you could probably triple your money back in a short time just from sales.

Lifetime Updates On Every Item In This Package!

That means even if I add something to the package later, you'll get the updates to those, who would complain about that? As long as you're a paid owner, meaning you were happy and haven't requested a refund, you'll get LIFETIME UPDATES FREE!

There are not too many places you'll find an offer like this. I know its value. I own products that the owner offers lifetime updates, and it becomes more valuable each time I get the free update, so I'm passing this on to my members to enjoy it too.

You just can't beat an offer like this, a full year guarantee, sales page breakdown visual, 30 step checklist, 2 page flow chart, mp3 format, and lifetime updates, all for only $19.95 during this offer. Just click on this button to get it all right now!

Thank you for buying from


All the best,

David Reynolds

P.S. Just think! "You'll never have to remember what order, and what's needed for a sales page again, or pay big bucks hiring someone who's going to apply the same principles I teach you here. Now you can get everything done the right way, as if I was there myself pointing out each step. Simply follow my step-by-step guide along with the check-list, flow-chart, and sales page break down to create bullet-proof pages over, and over."

P.S.S. Each of your pages will be a perfect match to your market because you control the content. Following the fail proof steps will make it look like you had the perfect template and just filled in the blanks.

P.S.S.S. I can't think of a single reason why you wouldn't benefit from buying right now, if you can, contact me, and we'll work something out. Use this contact email: reasonwhy(at) relatedandrelevant . com , thanks.