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Domain Name Selection

Many Hosting sites may offer domain name alternatives if the name you search for is already taken.

GoDaddy for example, will use variations of your keyword, as well as additional concepts of part of your domain name search. As long as these suggestions fit what you're goal is for your domain, write them down for consideration, and make a large collection of these to go over.

Don't jump at any name. Your domain name selection will be a part of you for some time, so consider it strongly. This is not a time to be trendy, unless that is what your content will be about.

Using the number '2' for the word 'to' in a domain name, will cause you to spend a lot of time explaining to others 'how' to write your domain name down, instead of just telling them your domain name. Example: vs., just spell it normal, and you won't have to explain it each time.
Having someone to write down the wrong spelling can cause you potential customers later.

Write down the domain name exactly as it may appear, in all lower case. Are the letters arranged in simple to understand order? Is there something else that can be spelled by that arrangement that you wouldn't want as part of your type of business?

Sidebar: Some people say domain name selections are limited. This is false. Simply by adding a word or two to any existing domain name will make another domain name available. Such as 'my', or 'best'. What is limited, are IP addresses, at least the way they are designed now.

IP addresses, (Internet Protocal), are based on numbers. The wording you select is then associated to an IP address. So word selection is not the limitation, but number association is.

Length of your domain name. Consider how long your email address will be if you have a long domain name. How easy will it be to fit on a business card? Will it contain-dashes, remember that when you're selecting a name, you'll have to include that when you're telling someone your domain name. It's best to not include dashes in your domain, most professional sites do not include dashes.

After you've done all your research, you may consider driving focused traffic to your sites using Pay-Per-Click, (ppc). This is paying for your ads to be clicked on at places like main search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others.

These are the ads mostly seen on the right-hand side of search engine results, and sometimes at the top of those pages.

You can also use Cost-Per-iMpression, (cpm). This means you're paying per 1,000 impressions whether anyone clicks or not.

I've made a couple of videos showing you how the two compare. It's safest to use ppc if you can't watch your campaigns daily to avoid cost runaway. These videos will show you the difference, enjoy.

How CPM is different than PPC.


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