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Domain Name Purpose

A Domain name (web site name) is best when it describes what you do and what you offer, without a new visitor having to guess what you're about.

You have much control over what a searcher will see first on the search engines before selecting your site, by properly identifying what you do in your meta files (title and description).

But many times you first look at the domain name to decide if it sounds like it is what might really solve what you're looking for, right?

There are questions whether having keywords that match what you offer, as part of your domain name, will really benefit it in search engine ranking or not. I would consider giving yourself every bit of and edge possible.

Helping in the search engines is not the only factor. Having a name recognizable by a stranger is what's most important. Until you become so big that keywords in a domain name isn't important, I would stick with inclucing them to help strangers.

Selecting keywords that have a high search volume will be helpful, not just for search engine ranking, but if it shows people are that interested in a topic, and what you're going to offer relates to that, consider having that, or something very related as part of your site.

Go back to do more research on what keywords are most related and relevant to your purpose, and which ones have a strong interest by the number of searches.

Keyword Research

...Or if your satisfied with your previous keyword research, continue on to more domain name selection considerations.

Selecting Your Domain Name

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