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  Gets Top Rankings On Google With This Proven SEO Software Tool 100% Money Back Guarantee
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  Finds The Best Keywords For Your Website Quickly And Easily
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  Spys On Your Competitors And Discover Their Secrets
  Bonus Tool #1 Helps Find Complimentary Backlinks, You Won't Find Anywhere Else
  Bonus Tool #2 Helps Estimate Ranking Success, You Won't Find Anywhere Else

… And more! All quickly and easily, without the head-banging frustration typically associated with guesswork, multiple browsers open, unreliable toolbars, switching back and forth between sites. Now you'll be able to have all the numbers in one place for quick comparison and review.


Tired Of Dancing With Penguins and Pandas?
Take A Closer Look At What IBP And My Unique Link Finding Tool
Can Do For Advancing YOUR Business, Or Those You Optimize As A Service.
Imagine Getting Your Own Affiliate Sites Ranking On Page One.

We all know how difficult optimizing a site can be to reach page one, but now you can have x-ray vision to what other sites are doing to reach those prized positions, and just like the Trojan Horse theory, blend right in with them before they ever see you coming. After all you can't hit a target blindfolded, you're just guessing, you need direction, even if its subtle changes to fine-tune your merger. You need to use a scalpel, not a sword.

If you offer a 'Done For You' service, this is an essential tool that will add to your Professional respect. You can generate distinguished looking reports categorized and easy to read for your clients that prove you understand what you're doing. And you will, because as you're optimizing pages, the resulting reports guide you what changes to make, where to make them, and break it down into how to make it work, guesswork is gone forever.

If you have Affiliate sites, you know how important it is to get incoming free traffic. Pay Per Click is fine, and needed for direct marketing, quick testing, and data gathering to use for your optimized sites. Imagine ranking page one with most of your Affiliate efforts, along with your PPC efforts, how prosperous could you be with all that free traffic. That can pay for your investment here many times over, what are you waiting for?


What Is Your Time Worth? Spend It Wiser With The Right Tool.
You'll Have Confidence Once You've Optimized A Page That It's Done Right,
So That You Can Move On To The Next Project While It's Getting Ranked.

You know how long it can take for your optimizing to be recognized by the spiders and robots, who wants to wait just to find out you need to re-think all your work again. You'll get Instant reporting on your work from IBP, so you'll know right then what to adjust for it to blend in with the top ten.

IBP is the chameleon of the Optimizing Tools, the Trojan Horse, its almost like the top ten sites are inviting you into their respected circle. By following the suggestions IBP provides, you're Guaranteed top 10 rankings on Google or your money back. How much relief can that be for you?


Incoming Links Solidify Your Optimized Positions.
IBP Enhances Its SEO Optimizing Suggestions With An Incoming Link Tool.
I've Included An Additional Tool To Help You Find Sites That Compliment,
Not Compete With The Site(s) You're Optimizing, Making It Easier To Find Higher
Quality Links Pointing Back To You.

IBP makes creating your link exchange directories so easy. After you've found the sites you want included in your linking pages, it only takes the click of (1) one button to update your pages, include any new ones you've added, remove any old ones you've selected for removal, writes the code for the update to be recognized, and upload your changed pages to your online site, just one button, amazing.

SEO by itself is not as self-supportive as it used to be. Newer demands require additional support to achieve and hold those coveted page one positions. Incoming links from quality sites that have valuable traffic and high Google PageRank help your pages outlive many of the penguins and dances that new algorithms cause. External links pointing in should include related keyword terms to give you strength. Achieving those links has been the problem in the past. Who wants to give up traffic to a competitor?

I came up with a unique tool to help you find sites that compliment, not compete with your products or services. Imagine how this will help you if your job is to build incoming links for your client, your work is compounded because now you're supporting multiple clients to find quality incoming links.

Problem Solved

When you purchase either IBP Standard, or IBP Business, I will send you the tool I created just for this cause. It helps find closely related sites that compliment yours, not compete with, so they'll be more acceptable when it comes to placing a link to your site from theirs. You will become skilled enough to explain to them the benefit of using tightly focused keyword terms in the link. Explaining to them the benefits of this has proven very useful in establishing a rapport with sites you want a link from, to ask them to use keywords you request to point back to you, which you know how that will benefit you. Placing a link to them with their keyword also establishes longer link relationships.

With a little input from you, this tool generates every combination possible for you to enter into IBP's link building feature. You will not find a tool like this anywhere, I created it myself after 3 years of development, and have now automated it using excel which give to you with your purchase of either IBP promotion tool. It's a $50 value that you can use over and over, yours free with the purchase of IBP.


IBP software has been professionally engineered to introduce MANY money-saving benefits to your business, including:

  Benefit #1: Helps you create professionally optimized pages to rank on page one
  Benefit #2: Helps you create unique looking link pages including thumbnail images
  Benefit #3: Generates customized reports for you and your clients easily
  Benefit #4: Lets you spy on your competition to learn what their doing so you can stay informed and on top


You Can Earn Back Many Times Your Investment!
I'll Ask Again, What Is Your Time Worth?

If you were to continue on as you are now, never really being concerned that your web pages are ranked on page 10 and joining link farms just to get incoming links, not knowing your site is in the sandbox because link farms are not considered Natural linking, you could expect to be running in circles from now on not understanding what's wrong with this picture!

However, if you want focus, if you have direction, you can come out of the cesspool of black hat tactics and grab the lifeline being thrown to you so you can have proven tools that help you succeed, tools that give direction, tools I've depended on for years, and I know they stand behind their product.

But thanks to IBP (Internet Business Promoter), you can AVOID this quagmire of being stuck, and start progressing towards your goals, and I'll stand behind my Bonus Tools I'm including once you send me proof of purchase of the IBP software.

Note that my Bonus Tools I'll be sending you are not part of the IBP package, or downloadable from IBP, but are extra, and will be sent directly from me. I am a direct affiliate with IBP and have used this tool for over 5 years, and I know it's dependable. I will also send you updates whenever I make them. IBP offers a full 100% Risk-Free Guarantee with their software, which is great, and I'm offering a lifetime guarantee with mine, you can't lose. Once you click on the button below, you will be taken to the IBP site to make your purchase.

My Bonus offer is only good if you purchase by clicking on links on this page so I'll know you bought through here. After you make your purchase, send me your "Order #" as proof of purchase, and I will immediately send you your bonuses. See the bottom of this page.

Order Today To Receive Over $50 Worth Of FREE GIFTS

I want to make sure you get the MOST out of IBP, the SEO, Link Building, Page Ranking, Site Submission, Keyword Finding Tool, so when you purchase your copy, I'll include a number of FREE BONUS GIFTS that are designed to maximize IBP's software’s value and effectiveness!

Your gifts include...

Gift #1 – Unique Keyword Combiner Tool To Help Find Complimentary Incoming Links

Finding sites that can be a helpful resource for your visitors, or to link with, can be difficult because you risk sending your visitors to compeitiors, but with my excel Bonus tool, which I call the 'Tic-Tac-Toe' method, helps you find sites that Compliment, not Compete. You will be finding sites that are more acceptable to agreeing to a link exchange, because the two of you compliment each others products or services better.

Tic-Tac-Toe? Yes, Tic-Tac-Toe, already sounds easy right? It is! and I automated it so it works at the click of a button, over and over. You can use it for any site, any keyword, any project. That means you can use it for your clients projects and provide more related and relevant sites that compliment your clients sites, which pleases the search engines standards.

I will include a tutorial and show you how to use my Bonus Tool, but better yet, I'll offer my direct email contact for support.

Gift #2 – Keyword SEO Success Estimator

I constantly update and refine my software bonuses to ensure that they're always the most up-to-date, helpful solutions available.

In addition to my unique Tic-Tac-Toe tool, I created a tool that lets you compare you previous successes with upcoming efforts, so you can track what your degree of success might be for future efforts. Lets say a client, or yourself, wants to rank well on certain keywords. After you've had success with certain keywords, you can download data about that keyword from your favorite Keyword Tool that lists the competition, search volume, and est. cost-per-click for that keyword, or any keyword you chose. Now you can quickly compare those stats with previous stats of keywords you've had success with ranking, and estimate what your efforts might be to more accurately estimate your work effort to your clients, or yourself. Kind of like having your own crystal ball.

I developed some macro's into this tool to help quickly review different groupings for faster decision making. So with the click of a button you can sort any column of data to quickly make decisions for you and your clients.

Gift #3 – Alternate Uses That Will Make Your Sites Unique

I've used IBP for many, many other uses that it wasn't even created for, and have found it's so Powerful, it allows you to be creative, very creative, and I'll share all those with you to stimulate your imagination.

I know you want to learn more, so

Bonus 1

My Truly Unique Tic-Tac-Toe Keyword Generator For Incoming Links

Automates the process saving you time and errors of overlooking all the possibilities of valuable sites to chose from. With the push of a button, it generates every possible combination related to content you provide about your product or services.

Helps you find related and relevant links from sites that compliment, not compete with your products or services.

Combines your input into every possible keyword search combination in the best order to enter into IBP which then goes out and gets that ranking data for those sites so you can make intelligent decisions on which to chose.

(A $50 Value, but to You and me, it's Priceless, and Yours FREE!)


Bonus 2

My Keyword SEO Success Estimator

I created this after having success with the IBP optimizing tool.

This lets you see at a glance all the success you've had in the past with any keyword, and shows you what your chances are with future keyword choices. After you've used IBP and get successful SERP keyword positions, you can start to get a feel of which keywords might be easily achievable based on previous successes using current keyword data from Google's Keyword Tool.

This is meant to use along with IBP's optimization efforts.

(A $9.95 Value, but to You and me, it's Priceless, and Yours FREE!)

And Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed!

I understand that purchasing software online can be an intimidating proposition, so IBP makes their SEO Software a risk-free proposition.

Simply try it to see for yourself that it can:


Start To Discover The World of Page One Rankings And
Traffic From Related and Relevant Sites Like You Never Have Before!

Are you ready to Exchange Blind Guesswork with Intelligent Decision Making using IBP…

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Remember, NO other software can provide you with the same regular updates to keep your efforts matching new algorithms, and say their successfully used by thousands of businesses in 93 countries that their #1 rated solution can, and nobody else can offer you the same value for your dollar.

Access your copy of this proprietary software in the next five minutes, and by this time tomorrow, you will soon be enjoying all of the benefits outlined above, including all the Bonuses I've already mentioned, and more...

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