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Discover Your Natural Talents, Develop Related Niches, Surround Yourself With Relevant Keywords, and Link With Sources That Compliment Yours.

Discover Your Natural Talents, Develop Related Niches, Surround Yourself With Relevant Keywords, and Link With Sources That Compliment Yours.
The length of time it takes you to reach success,
is directly related to how you plan your path.

What You Can Learn Here

  • Discover your "Natural talents and abilities" in a unique new way only taught here, learn how to translate that into your own career enhancer.
  • Start developing them into your own natural niche to dominate your market.
  • Apply this to Keyword Phrases that match your talents so you can capture focused volumes of traffic .
  • Then use our Link Building Tic-Tac-Toe method to find Related and Relevant incoming links, and long-tail keywords that you would never have discovered before.


Who this is meant for

Anyone with an online presence, and wants to strengthen it, or if you're wanting to finally answer the question, "What am I supposed to be doing in Life", can gain an understanding how to answer that, and start developing a career that you'll enjoy doing each day.

The training is developed because I understood the need we all have for direction. If you have direction, you can develop, if not, you go in circles. After I understood the way to explain how to find direction, I wanted to share it since it made a difference in my life.

"What's the difference between Related and Relevant?"

Most of us have siblings, cousins or someone closely Related, but there are some that have closer interests to yours than others, they would be more Relevant in your current life. They're Related, and more Relevant.

So it is with Your Talents, Keywords, and Incoming Links. Some are Related, and others are more Relevant. We're going to focus on what compliments, rather than competes with your interests. This is where this process stands out to make your work easier.

Related and Relevant is here to help you with your decision making process about how to improve your presence on the Internet, and how to best prepare you for success. If you do your Research, and let the numbers talk, and not hang on to pet projects, your path to success will be much shorter.


How this works
We will ask you a series of questions, and Based on your answer, it will take you along a certain path, similar to a programmers flow chart.

Answering a question "Yes" will take you one direction, "No" will take you a different direction. Each direction provides it own training tips.

The purpose here is to provide you with information to help you develop successful Internet efforts by laying a solid foundation of proven practices.

Here's an example for reference:

Look Confusing? It's really not. If you can answer 'Yes' or 'No', then you've got this made. Without direction, you aimlessly repeat mistakes over, and over. You are in the drivers seat here. You chose by your honest answer's what your next step will be.

If you're throwing something up against the wall and hoping it sticks, your travel is going to be much longer. If you're guessing it will work because 'that's the way we've done it for years', then guess what, things change, and you've got to change with them.

Start Here

Now you have two options to advance your Internet training. Either option you take, can be restarted and take the other direction as needed. You can come back as often as you wish. Bookmark a page at anytime to return where you left off.

Each page has a "Contact Us" option at the top, and we encourage you to drop us a comment about any page and what you feel could be an improvement based on your level.

Option 1.

Our original Flow Chart method which ask's simple 'Yes' 'No' questions, and based on your answer will take you the needed direction for your web site development, training and growth.

This method is very helpful for someone who doesn't know where to start, or doesn't know "what they know" yet about which direction to start. We recommend this path for beginning to intermediate training.

Each click takes you along a Related and Relevant path, that will help you with decisions you may not have considered, but will save you time and money when developing your next Internet web site goals.

Come back as often as you wish, bookmark the pages if you can't finish a complete "Question and Answer" series.


Option 2.

For intermediate to advanced users, who have some experience in keyword research, domain name selection, and hyperlink benefits.

This option allows you to select any point in the training and jump there, come back to the menu and select a different training series. This direction can save some time for those already knowledgeable in some of the training, allowing you to skip over some lessons.

However, several of the lessons here are original and not covered on other sites that we have found, so skipping over lessons is not recommended.

We feel you will gain skills that will assist you to save time and money, so bookmark the pages, and come back as often as you wish.


Option 1.

Simple Yes, No, Maybe
questions you can easily
answer and move at your
own pace and return.

Option 2.

Menu driven links which
allow you to select your own
path of training.


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